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Electronics Factory

Company Overview

  • Small/Medium enterprises with offices in Singapore and China
  • Single-floor electronics fabrication and assembly facility
  • Energy costs upto $3000 per month

Problem Statement

The facility The facility exhibited high variability in monthly energy cost. The company wanted to understand how energy was being used in the two production lines as well as in the air conditioning and lightingas a first step to implementing an energy management program.


Ampotech installed a power monitoring system at each of the electrical sub-distribution panels (e.g.,DB-3 shown below). Each panel was fitted with one AmpoHub field gateway connected to a numberof AmpoSense non-invasive current measurement devices and current transformer (CT) sensors. A3G router was used to transmit data to the AmpoCloud platform. Ampotech collected and analyzedthe data over a period of months to produce an energy audit report.


  • An energy usage breakdown revealed that the manufacturing line equipment was responsible for around 60% of the site’s energy consumption
  • Reducing machine idle time in the production lines could save 2-6% per month in energy costs
  • Air conditioning was being used to cool production line areas even when they were not operating, leading to energy waste. Another 7% could be saved by turning off air conditioning when machinery was not in use

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