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Office Power Monitoring

Company Overview

  • International Commercial Property developer
  • Assets under management > $10B USD
  • Properties > 100

Problem Statement

Although this site was a certified green building less than 5 years old, there were gaps in the monitoring infrastructure. The facilities’ team wanted to address two key challenges:

  • Limited Visibility into enerygy use beyond the chiller plant, particularly for tenant areas
  • Desire to monitor and benchmark lighting and receptacle (wall outlet) energy use


Ampotech installed a power monitoring system at 10 locations in the building. At each electrical distribution board (DB panel), Ampotech installed one AmpoHub field gateway connected to a number of current transformer (CT) sensors. The decision was made to use a 3G network for data backhaul rather than the on-site WiFi network, so small 3G routers were deployed in each electrical riser to connect to the DB panels inside. The customer was provided with a cloud-based dashboard to view real-time and historical data from each of the DB panels.


  • Over 6% monthly energy savings from detecting and avoiding lights left on during nights and weekends
  • Benchmarking energy performance by kWh/m2 per year showed that this site in in the top 50% of Singapore’s office buildings
  • Power density (W/m2) for lighting occasionally exceeds the design guideline of 12 W/m2, indicating potential for further savings via lighting control or retrofit

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